• Your transformation

    I can help you achieve your goals, using your image as the powerful tool that it is. I’ll help you gain confidence, free you from confusion and frustration, and transform your life.
  • What’s holding you back?

    Ever wonder why you’re not moving forward toward your life and work goals as quickly as you’d like? It may be you need someone in your corner as a guide and support. I’d love to help you.
  • Making an impact

    Are you showing up authentically and convincingly? After working with me, my clients consistently have greater visibility and stature in all areas of life.
  • Style that supports your personal brand

    With my help, you’ll discover new ways of communicating what you stand for.
  • Complete confidence

    Each client appointment is unique, but during all of them, we focus on building confidence, one outfit at a time. (And we usually have a great time while we’re at it!)
  • Showing up authentically

    Once you discover the tools for developing confidence in yourself, we develop your style, so you show up convincingly and compellingly.
  • Your goals matter

    You know where you want to go in life, you just need a little help getting there. I’m here to give you that extra edge, so you get there as quickly and easily as possible.  
  • Ready to change your life? Let’s get started!

    If you’re ready to transform your life from the inside out, I’d love to help you. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary get-acquainted call. I can’t wait to hear from you!  
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Your goals ... your life ... your image

Building confidence

You're a busy, smart, and successful woman with real goals in sight.

As an image professional, my job is to help you reach those goals.

Let's face it: Sometimes even the most accomplished and amazing women can get tripped up by their image. They may unintentionally send certain messages about who they are and what they stand for. They end up not being perceived in the way they want to be.

They may just need a little extra support—a behind-the-scenes cheerleader—to show them exactly what they need to do to get where they want to go, both professionally and in their personal life.

So, are you a take-charge woman who sometimes gets stumped, or just hasn't invested lately in her appearance and wardrobe?

Are you accomplished professionally, you just don't know how to dress for the part?

Do you wonder if a few small changes could make a difference to your professional presence?

Do you have a blind spot when it comes to your own image?

I'm Ketura Persellin—and I help women just like you.

Isn't it time for a change?

I'd love to help

Would you like to know exactly what you need to do to look the part, professionally and personally? And do it without a lot of time and stress?

That's where the Joyful Closet comes in.

I'll show you what small changes you can make to have the stature and presence you want at work. I'll guide you toward what works for you, whether we're in the store or in your closet. I'll connect you with my talented and trusted team of makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, media coaches—all the people you need on your side.

Because if it relates to your image, I'm there to help you.

Are you ready?

Small but powerful changes

Wouldn't it be incredible to feel complete confidence, knowing you're ready for the role you play at work and in your personal life?

If you don't feel this way, you're selling yourself short.

If you answer "No" to three or more of these question, you might benefit from my help.

  • Do you get recognized professionally for your accomplishments?
  • Do you have the stature you want at work and in your personal life?
  • Does your image reflect who you are on the inside?
  • Does everything in your closet reflect the roles you play in your life (and the roles you aspire to)?
  • Do you approach getting dressed for all the various parts of your life with confidence (rather than stress and overwhelm)?
  • Do you frequently get compliments about how you look?
  • Do you feel confidence as you move through the day?


Are you supremely confident?

If you're not there (yet), you've come to the right place.

My passion and my mission is helping women like you get that confidence, day in and day out.

Ready to get started? I can't wait!



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What clients are saying

I love how I look! And I owe it all to you!
Gwen R., foundation executive

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